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If Football Doesnt Come Home

If Football Doesnt Come HomeI

 I really dislike seeing my teams lose at football. I’m hardly alone in that. Football is tribal and arouses deep passions. To those who don’t care, these can look ugly and stupid. To those who do care,

really dislike seeing my teams lose at football. I’m


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Looking Up To Others

Famous people have the most diffused power to influence others, but more concentrated power lies closer to home.
Role models have always featured in culture but never more so than now.

Girls In The Hood

God is present in the estates the Church talks about reaching; unlike his followers, he never left these spaces. It is to be seen whether the furore over the lack of black actors among the Oscar nominees for 2016 will make a difference

Remembering In November 2019

When The Lights Went Out

Henry John "Harry" Patch, dubbed in his later years "the Last Fighting Tommy", was a British supercentenarian, briefly the oldest man in Europe and the last surviving combat soldier of the First World War from any country

When The Lights Went Out
Remembering the Great War

Winston Churchill observed: ‘history will be kind to me for I intend to write it’. I doubt he would have said this in the digital age, where anyone can blog their view of the world. The sheer volume of books published to coincide with the First World War makes it hard to say anything new or original on the subject and the hotly contested issue of why the war began is especially wearisome, unless we take a severely reductionist approach and claim the first cause was simply a few gunshots in Sarajevo.
Harry Patch, the last serving British soldier, died in 2009, meaning there is no longer any living testimony to this gruesome war. It is easy to be buried by the weight of words written on the subject, many of which contradict one another, and to lack the willpower to dig ourselves free. The bewildering array of views on the war may be gleefully taken by post-modernists as evidence that there are few, if any, objective truths to lay claim to in history, but I believe we should resist this. History may have many different and competing narratives, but it contains plenty of objective facts and truths and we should not despair of finding them.

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The Patriotic Voice

An authentic and durable love of nation should make room for those who dissent; it might just be God speaking to us
Allegations by a national newspaper that Ralph Miliband hated Britain and that this must therefore have influenced his son Ed (though strangely,
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Why Violence Is Declining In The West But There Is No Guarantee It Will ContinueTo

WHY VIOLENCE IS DECLINING IN THE WEST BUT THERE IS NO GUARANTEE IT WILL CONTINUE TOEurope's peace since 1945 could yet be seen as a brief interlude. Let us hope and pray it is lasting.
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Still Going Bodly

Star Trek has always projected contemporary concerns into space to help us reflect on life, offering rich pickings for Christian apologetics
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Debating Immigration

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